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Our Culture

AAMG employs approximately 200 clinicians, including primary care, specialty care, and four different hospitalist teams: medical, surgical, obstetrical and pediatric. A spirit of collegiality exists among AAMG clinicians and our private practice colleagues who work beside us in the community. Professionalism, accountability and the provision of quality care are expected of ourselves and each other. With almost one thousand clinicians on its medical staff, AAHS is able to provide the full scope of specialty and primary care. Our shared vision of quality, supported by our shared electronic medical record, provides a strong platform for continued collaboration and success.

Duties and Responsibilities

Our primary care clinicians focus their work solely on the outpatient arena. Inpatient practice, including hospital rounds, home visits and nursing home care are optional. On-call duty is purely telephonic and quite light, and is shared within and/or among practices. Full-time work for our established clinicians is considered to be the equivalent of at least four full days of face-to-face patient care per week, although new-to-market clinicians, with their lighter patient loads, often initially work five full days a week to build their panels. Work schedules are as flexible as the individual practice can allow.


For Physicians and Nurse Practitioners

New Hires: Physicians and fully independent nurse practitioners new to our market area are provided a guaranteed salary for at least 12 months, until they develop a patient panel that supports their desired level of income. All newly hired clinicians are mentored and supported by practice colleagues as they adapt to our EMR, model of care and network of cross-referring physician colleagues. 

  • After the initial period of guaranteed salary, compensation is shifted to a “net collections” model. Practice expenses are deducted from practice revenue, and the balance is distributed to clinicians. So that income is predictable, each clinician sets his/her salary at a comfortable biweekly rate that reflects chosen work load, then periodically collects an added distribution of the positive balance which accrues with strong practice performance.
  • All physicians, whether new or established, are eligible for a generous quality incentive, typically based on three different objectives that are chosen anew each year, with clinician input. This incentive is above and beyond normal practice compensation.

Clinician income is further enhanced through participation with quality initiatives with various payers, Meaningful Use incentives and shared savings programs. To reflect changes brought about by national and state healthcare reform, AAMG clinician compensation will continue to migrate from rewarding volume to rewarding value and quality, allowing our clinicians to position themselves to thrive in the future.


AAMG benefits include health, malpractice, life, dental, vision, long- term care (LTC), and disability insurance, plus two salary deferment savings plans, one with employer matching. Time off for vacation and CME is at the discretion of the individual clinician, and is coordinated across the practice to ensure adequate patient care coverage. If you have questions regarding benefits, please contact HR at 443-481-1961.

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